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IBM BladeCenter, Unable to change name of USERID Account

Hello -

I am trying to set up SSH key based authentication for some scripting/data collection and on all of my IBM BladeCenter based switches, I cannot get this done.

The first issue is that, you cannot run "sshutil allowuser <username>", unless you are logged in as "admin" specifically.  Out of the box IBM BladeCenter Switches do not have this account.

You can, however, run "userrename <old> <new>" to rename the "USERID" account, to "admin", at least in the documentation.

When I run "userrename USERID admin" it gives me the error: "Cannot find old username."

So basically, I cannot rename USERID to admin, and I cannot run sshutil unless I am admin.

Does anyone know what I might do to solve this, I have about 40 of these switches in my environment, all with the same issue.

Most of them are on FabricOS 6.2.1c or newer.

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