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IBM 3534 Factory Reset

Hoping someone can help.

I've purchased a IBM 3534-F08 off ebay and of course cant access the CLI as i don't have the admin password as it have been changed from the factory default.

I have scoured the net to look for instructions on a factory reset with no luck.

Can someone please point me in the right direction.


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Re: IBM 3534 Factory Reset

this is the Brocade 3200, which is EOL and End of Service.

here in the community are a lot of threads about password recovery, however by this models in order to reset the password you need theoretically Support from Brocade.

as mentioned since this switch is not longer supported, there is no way to obtain Support and no tools or other procedure is available.

to make a long story short, sorry to say, the switch is uselessly.

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Re: IBM 3534 Factory Reset

And I'm assuming the root password was changed as well?  I'm only asking as this was not mentioned.  If it was not changed, a few quick searches will uncover this.  But if the root password was changed, TechHelp24 is absolutely correct.


Mike Eversole
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