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IBM 2499-192 Zone Admin on a Virtual Fabric

We have recently added a IBM 2499-192 (Brocade DCX4-S) to our fabrics. We configured the IBM with 2 Logical Switches and merge each logical switch to the fabrics successfully.

When I go to do a zone change from the IBM 2499 switch the only options available to me under Ports & Attached Devices is the IBM switch. We have given it a domain id that is not in use on any other switch in our enviroment.

If I putty into the switch and run the fabricshow command it lists the zones as I would expect.

If I open Zone Admin from one of our other fabric switches and open Ports & Attached Devices I see all the domain id's including the IBM 2499.

I have attached screenshots of what I see as a reference.

virtual_switch_zone.jpg is the zone admin from the IBM 2499

physical_switch_zone.jpg is the zone admin from a 32 port switch

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Re: IBM 2499-192 Zone Admin on a Virtual Fabric

are both screen shoot's from Webtools or from DCFM ?

some feature are migrated in DCFM and are not longer visible/available in webtools.


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