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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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IBM 2005-B16 SFP problem

I currently own an IBM 2005-16B SAN Switch. There are 16 ports on the Switch, but only 8 of them are licensed. When I turn on the Switch, Port0 doesn't work. The red light inside the SFP is continiously blinking. However there is no problem on the other ports.
I factory resetted the Switch but it has no effect. Device had 6.2.2e firmware on it and I updated it to 6.2.2f, but it didn't solve the problem. When I connect a cable to Port 0, it doesn't respond and it doesn't come up. I changed the locations of the SFPs but still nothing.

Lastly, I ran the licenseshow command and it showed 2 licenses, but in unknown status. What does this mean? Since I bought the switch from someone else, I don't understand what this means. I asked it to the company that I bought it from, but they don't have any idea either.

Thanks for your help!

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Re: IBM 2005-B16 SFP problem

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Re: IBM 2005-B16 SFP problem




Don't worry about the 'unknown' licenes, those were license required in older FOS releases, that with the current one are not required anymore.


When it comes to the SFP, a priori it may be faulted. could you please paste the output of the following commands in order to figure out what could be going on?



sfpshow 0 -f


portshow 0




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