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IBM 2005-16B Upgrade Path

I've been tasked with upgrading our IBM 2005-16Bs (not sure what the Brocade equivalent is) to the latest firmware version.  These switches are over 3 years old and have never been upgraded.  I've never worked on these types of switches, so my questions may seem trivial but I would appreticate any insight you can give.  My biggest problem is, I can't figure out what the upgrade path should be.  We are currently running 5.0.1b of the firmware and need to get to 6.3.x.  Can anyone direct me to a safe recommended upgrade path?  I understand there are intermediary updates necessary but I can't figure out what they should be.  How can I tell which of the intermediary updates is the one I need?  I can see there are several 5.2 variants, but I don't know the difference between 5.2.0b, 5.2.1 NI1, 5.2.2, etc., which would I have to go to?  Where are the release notes?  I'm sure there is an easy way to get to them, but I haven't found it yet.

Please let me know if more information is needed.  Thanks for your assistance in advance.

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Re: IBM 2005-16B Upgrade Path

This is a Brocade 200E and not supportd by FOS 6.3

see this DOC for more details and Upgrade instruction.

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