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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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I cant configure AD's


I cant configure AD's because when i try to execute: defzone --noaccess

Show me this error: Operation allowed only in AD0 context and if no ADs are configured

This is the ad status:

ad --show
Current AD Number: 0  AD Name: AD0

Effective configuration:

AD Number:   0  AD Name: AD0    State: Active

        Switch port members:            4,4; 4,5; 4,6; 4,7; 4,0; 4,1;
                                        4,2; 4,3; 4,12; 4,13; 4,14;
                                        4,15; 4,8; 4,9; 4,10; 4,11;
                                        4,17; 4,16; 4,19; 4,18;
        Switch WWN members:             10:00:00:05:1e:e6:04:a6;

Before I created a AD4 context, and then deleted...


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Re: I cant configure AD's


Finally, the switch will be changed by our provider.

The error can't be resolved. FOS-model error maybe? (We test FOS v6.2.0_bc2 to v6.3.2, the switch is a IBM P/N 44X1905, Brocade 10-port 8 Gb SAN Switch Module for IBM BladeCenter)


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