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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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How to turn off particular messages on console

Your help is really appreciated.2006/01/04-16:04:04, , 965,, INFO, switch, Env Fan 1, value has changed(High=10000, Low=2002006/01/04-16:04:04, , 966,, INFO, switch, Env Fan 2, value has changed(High=10000, Low=2002006/01/04-16:04:04, , 967,, INFO, switch, Env Fan 3, value has changed(High=10000, Low=2002006/01/04-16:04:04, , 968,, INFO, switch, Env Fan 6, value has changed(High=10000, Low=200

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Re: How to turn off particular messages on console

OK, nevermind: "fwsettodefault " command turned of those messages.

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