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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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How to translate sfpshow "date code"


I need to evaluate SFPs age on a 48k core switch

How should i interpret the "date code" information line from the sfpshow command?

admin> sfpshow 2/15| grep Date
Date Code:   100513

admin> sfpshow 2/14| grep Date
Date Code:   060701

At first glance it look like as simple as 3 fields YEAR MONTH DAY sticked together

100513 -> 2010 May 13th

060701 -> 2006 July 1st

But i always mistrust too fast and obvious thought

Cannot find any answer nor in Command Ref Guide nor in Brocade forum


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Re: How to translate sfpshow "date code"

Hi alknet,

Your assumption is correct.

The Date Code field format is defined in the SFP Multi-Source Agreement as YYMMDDLL where YY is year (two digits), MM is month, DD is day, and LL is vendor specific lot or batch number.

LL can be left blank, while the other three fields are mandatory.

Hope this helps,


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Re: How to translate sfpshow "date code"

Hi Linar,

Thanks for your answer


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