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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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How to retrieve Zone info from Switch into DCFM

I have a very large SAN that is being managed by DCFM.  I need to add over 100 zones to the fabrics and doing this by DCFM GUI would be very time consuming so I entered the zones via the command line and they show up when I do a cfgshow.  I want to now 'import' the zoning table up into the DCFM that is managing the SAN and have them added to the DCFM Zoning Data Base.

I thought there was a way to upload the switch zoning DB to the DCFM, but I can't find it.   Can it be done?

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Re: How to retrieve Zone info from Switch into DCFM

If DFCM does not import the changes automatically on its next refresh, try unmanaging and managing the affected san fabric again via the discovery option.

That should import the latest san fabric zonin configuration from the san fabric again.

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Re: How to retrieve Zone info from Switch into DCFM


I am having an issue when trying to retrieve data from zone tables, there are no data in zone tables in DCFM database (other tables have data). Have do had a similar issue?

Please let me know.

thanks in advance.

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