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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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How to query zoning configuration via SMI Agent?



can anybody give me a hint on how to retrieve the active zoning configuration via the SMI-S agent? I've checked the BNA SMI Agent Developer's Guide but did not find any useful information for CIM novices.


What I've done so far is something like


wbemcli ei -noverify -nl -dx 'https://user:password@agenthost:5989/root/brocade1:Brocade_Zone'



wbemcli ei -noverify -nl -dx 'https://user:password@agenthost:5989/root/brocade1:Brocade_ZoneAlias'


but this doesn't give me all wanted information. E.g., ZoneAlias doesn't show the alias' WWPN and Zone doesn't show the actual zone members.


Thanks for your help.


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Re: How to query zoning configuration via SMI Agent?

How you want to query or collect the Zoning Information trough the SMI ?


Keep in mind, SMI have the functions to work as Agent, and no mainly to figures out like as Management Software.

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Re: How to query zoning configuration via SMI Agent?



for my understanding, the SMI-S Agent acts as standard interface between (my) management application and the SAN fabrics and as such provides basic methods for information retrieval and configuration. For testing, I'm using a command line CIM client from the SBLIM project, and for my application a Perl implementation of the DSP0200 standard.


I was already able to collect most relevant information through the agent (SAN topology, logged-in initiators, etc.) but don't get zone config retrieval to work.


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