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How to purge SMTP relay host configuration



in my organisation we're having FOS 7.2. We have configured the relay host for MAPS by mistake, whereas we have no smart relay host in the environment, just the regular Outlook mail server. Our Fabric Watch in 7.1 was sending the alerts just fine not having any relay host set up, so we'd just like to change the relay host configuration to blank for all the switches.


I know that in FOS 7.3 you can use relayconfig --delete to clear relay host configuration but this option is not available in 7.2. Network Advisor also does not allow to change it, shouting "Relay Host cannot be empty" & "Domain name cannot be empty".


Upgarding to FOS 7.3 is not an option in this case as we only upgraded to 7.2 very recently.



Thanks for any thoughts.


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