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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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How to get the md5 file for FOS V7.4.1d

While trying to import the new FOS onto the BNA repository,its asking for md5 file of V7.4.1d.

Where can i get the md5 file of V7.4.1d?

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Re: How to get the md5 file for FOS V7.4.1d



I have moved your post from Ethernet Switches & Routers forum to the correct SAN forum




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Re: How to get the md5 file for FOS V7.4.1d

you can get from Brocade website ---> support --> softwaredownload 


Product downloads - FOS  7.x




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Re: How to get the md5 file for FOS V7.4.1d

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You can get it from:

Fabric Operating System (FOS) 7.4.x > Fabric Operating System (FOS) 7.4.1d > Fabric OS v7.4.1d md5 Checksum (md5, 1 KB)


Below is from Brocade Network Advisor SAN User Manual:

Enforcing MD5 file during import

NOTE: The MD5 checksum file is required when you load Fabric OS firmware into the Management application version 12.0 or later.


You can configure the Management application to enforce the MD5 checksum file import during the import of the Fabric OS image into the firmware repository.


The MD5 checksum file can be obtained from the Fabric OS product download site in the same location as the firmware file. The MD5 checksum file cannot be downloaded directly from the site;however, you can open the file, copy and paste the contents into a new file, and save the file withthe .md5 extension in the same directory as the firmware file.

1. Select Server > Options.
The Options dialog box displays.
2. Select Security Misc in the Category list.
3. Select the Enforce Fabric OS MD5 Checksum File Import check box.
4. Click Apply or OK to save your work.





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