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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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How to find the DWDW connected to my switch?



Please let me know the different possibilites to find the DWDM connected to a switch. Will nsshow help?? any other possibilities??


Thanks in advance.




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Re: How to find the DWDW connected to my switch?

hi Jeet,


depends what DWDM technology you use between. you can check LD or LS ports config.   you can see how mutch buffers are alocated, what distance lenght, etc. can be that FCIP tunnel runing on top of DWDM as well. If you have GEN5 Condor 3 platform both ends then it's easy to run Diagnostic over DWDM FOS 7.3.x  

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Re: How to find the DWDW connected to my switch?



Nonsense, there is no way to determine if a DWDM device is connected to a switch as there is no way such a device play an active role in the fabric services configuration. The only two way of determining this is to document properly or physically look in the datacentre and follow the cable between the switch and the remote end of that cable. An LD os LS configuration can also be configured on a port with a long distance SFP and a normal ISL can also be running over DWDM. There isn't any other way. Putting a port a D-port mode with the DWDM option only skips the optical loopback test as that is of no use in such a configuration.


If you're running an FCIP tunnel between two side the only way DWDM can be used is between the two WAN switch switches. You cannot connect a GE port directly to a DWDM device. As far as I know that is not supported.




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