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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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How to expand Silkworm 4100

Hi, I need advise on how to upgrade the number of ports available. Currently we are at max capacity on our 4100 switches and I am trying to find information on what models and how-to add another 32-port switch into our existing configuration.

Is this difficult to do?

Will it require downtime?

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Re: How to expand Silkworm 4100

Two answers: Both No.

You can buy 40 or 80 port switches.

Both models support "ports on demand".

40 port switch start with 24 +8+8 ports

80 port swith start at 48 + 16 + 16 ports

If you have no special performance requirements 8gbit product should work fine.

You should check your license on the 4100.

Or think about a replacement of the 4100 because it will be end of support soon.

In case that a support contract is important you shhould consider to buy the 80 port switches and buy later the extenion.

You can significant save money if you buy 32 4Gbit SFPs for your old devices and the rest in 8Gbit.

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Re: How to expand Silkworm 4100

Thanks Andreas!

We currently have all 32 ports licensed and 4gbit speeds have been more than sufficent for our purpose. I will look into another 32 port 4Gbit SFP to expand on top of the existing.


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