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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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How to decode the SNMP OID


Following alerts are received, please help in decoding the alert to know which port is generating them & what does this alert mean

An overall protocol status for the port. This value of connUnitPortState is not online, then this is reported Unknown. ready

The user selected state of the port hardware. online

Mib data does not match the trap, make sure the latest version of the MIB is registered.  The SNMP OID is

Mib Information
The associated MIB File Name for this trap is fa-mib40.mib and the MIB identifier FCMGMT-MIB

Please Advise



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Re: How to decode the SNMP OID

Hello Chetan,

one answer is that port 36 of the switch is affected.

You write about alerts which means more then one alert but you post only one OID without any retrun value.

Be aware that you need the correct MIB files for your FOS code to get propper infirmation. A specific order to load the MIB files is required.

Please have a look in the Brocade MIB file reference guide to get more and detailed information.



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