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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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How to create / assign zone based on switch port


Currently we are using Dell Blade enclosure M1000e with EMC CX4-240 SAN & Broxcade 5100 switch. For zone assignment we are using wwns of server HBA. To improve performance of some production servers we are planning to create / assign zones based on ports. For the SAN we already created zones based on wwns.

Also in FC Switch we can see traffic isolation zone, how can we use this zone and will it improve performance?

Please suggest

Thanks in Advance

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Re: How to create / assign zone based on switch port

Instead af adding wwpn's to aliasses or zones, you add the Domain,Portid your node is connected to.

TI zones allow you configure a predefined path for dataflow between target and initiator.

You must add all ports (target initiator and ISL you want to use) in the path, too the TI zone for it to work.

If it wil increase performance depends, but could be...

Perhaps you could share what performance gain you're looking for?

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Re: How to create / assign zone based on switch port


I am not sure if I had understand you correctly but I had never seen any performance improvements due to change the zoning style from pWWN to D,P notation.

In addition you had nothing written about your topology and bandwidth usage of the current SAN and if you have no ISLs in your SAN you can forget TI zones.

If you have any performance issues I would recoomend to check if you have any errors on the SAN or an overloaded array this is the most commen reasons fro poor performance.

If you have ISLs check if you need some more lines between the switches.

I hope this helps,


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