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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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How to connect an 6520 FOS7.3 on existing CISCO 3.3(5b) fabric

I Have a customer with a CISCO OS 3.3(5b) Fabric who wants yto connecct on it a Brocade 6520 with FOS7.3.

Though it's not very clear on the manuals it seems that we can set NPIV on some ports of 6520 and connect, providing virtual ports to the fabric.

Q1: Can we truncate these ports?

Q2:Can we use otehr blades on Brocade with virtual connect, and redirect the virtual ports to the initial NPIV? (switch of the blades is HP BLc FlexFabric 10Gb/24-port

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Re: How to connect an 6520 FOS7.3 on existing CISCO 3.3(5b) fabric



What do you mean by 'truncate', do you mean to create a trunk between the cisco and the brocade? In that case, the answer is no. You can only set trunks among Brocade devices.


Don't see the point in Q2. If you wan to conect the CISCO to the Brocade, you have to configure the CISCO in NPV mode, enable NPIV on the Brocade ports (usually enabled by default) and connect them.

Another options (totally unrecommended though) is to configure interopmode 3 on the cisco and connect it to the brocade one. But brocade does not support interop anymore, so better to avoid this option...





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