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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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How to configure basic setup for Brocade 8GB/24C for HP chassis FC switch

Hi All,

I am novice when it comes to setting up Brocade FC Switches, well any FC switches, so please excuse the silly questions.

I have 2 x 8GB/24C Brocade FC switches for HP C7000 Chassis and need to configure them to connect to a FC SAN.  If anyone has a guide on how to set these 2 as a pair and document that shows how to complete a basic setup with zoning to a SAN and Blade connectivity I would be grateful.

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Re: How to configure basic setup for Brocade 8GB/24C for HP chassis FC switch

First you will need to set an IP in the switches, providing you don't DHCP for addressing (you should have a pair). To set IP's, insert switches into the interconnect bays associated with the corresponding Mezzanine "slot". This is usually in IO bays 3 and 4 (standard is FC mezzanine in slot 1 on each FC enabled HP Blade). Next, Web Browse to IP of Onboard Administrator (C7000), login, window opens and shows enclosure(s) connected. Select correct enclosure from left window and expand ( + ). under Enclosure settings, choose "Enclosure Bay IP Addressing". Then in right hand pane , select tab for Interconnect bays. You should see a page that lets you set a static IP into your I/O interconnects. You will need the IP, mask, gateway (get these from your DataComm). fillin blanks for the associated Interconnect bays you have installed the switch pair (3 and 4 are standard). You must match

Once the info is entered, select the check box for those bays and at bottom of page click "apply". Leave page open, and verify that new IP is showing under the far right column "settings". Once that is done, browse to one of the switch IP's and login using HP (default) admin and password. If joining an existing SAN Fabric, you will need to "match" some switch settings to existing switches AND change some settings to a different unique value. (ie: need to set Switch name, switch ID, among others). Most new HP Blade enclosure 8/24 Brocade switches are FOS 7.x. you can download manual from Brocade, for reference. will have documentation on how to set up SAN, switch parameters, and how to merge switches into existing SAN fabric. Any HP OA users guide for FW version of 3.60 and above is a good reference for how to use OA GUI. On HP site you will want to select "Support and Drivers", then "Product Support". Select "see all" at bottom then choose BladeServers. Good Luck, Louis

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