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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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How to config an account to execute only specify command.


I'm working in FabOS 6.4. Can I create an account, add admin role to this account, then config this account to be able to execute only some specify commands.

Thank you

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Re: How to config an account to execute only specify command.

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User ID/account role can not be customized as you asked. You can use one from available/defined role based access list.


User        - Nonadministrative use, such as monitoring system activity.
Operator - A subset of administrative tasks for routine switch maintenance.
SwitchAdmin  - Administrative use excluding security, user management, and zoning.
ZoneAdmin    - Zone management.
FabricAdmin  - Administrative use excluding user management and AD management.
BasicSwitchAdmin  - Administrative use with a subset of admin-level commands, mostly for monitoring with limited switch (local) access.
Admin  - All administrative commands.
SecurityAdmin  - All switch security and user management functions.



Example :


                  userconfig --add USERID -r admin -d "User_Description" -p PASSWORD

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