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How to change API management IP address on switch?


Can anybody tell me how to change, from command line or web interface, the IP address of the management station for a McData switch?

I mean, when you execute a "show switch" command, you get an output like:

Switch Information

State: Online

R_A_TOV: 100

E_D_TOV: 20

Preferred Domain ID: 11

Switch Priority: Default

Rerouting Delay: Disabled

Interop Mode: Open Fabric 1.0

Active Domain ID: 11

World Wide Name: 10:00:08:00:EE:DD:UU:KK

Insistent Domain ID: Disabled

Domain RSCN: Disabled

Zoning RSCN: Enabled

FC Address Domain: 6b (hex)

Limited Fabric RSCN: Disabled

Zone FlexPars: Fabric Filtering

RSCN Zone Isolation: Fabric Filtering

Safe Zoning: Disabled

ISL FSPF Cost: By Port Speed

Web Enabled: Enabled

API Enabled: Enabled

API Management IP: (<<<< this one!)

And in the last line is the IP address I want to change.

As I can see in the CLI user's guide (in the pdf document "Brocade M-EOS Command Line User Guide"), you can set config.switch.apiState in "enable" or "disable", but I cannot find where to configure the IP address of the server where management software runs.

Any hint will be appreciated very much.



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