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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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How can I add a second Fabric With DCFM?

We are trying to set up replication, which we configured our two 7800's to do without using zoning, but I'm wondering if I have to add the second fabric in with DCFM so they can talk to each other?  Right now we're running between two USPVM's and we're getting a "Serial Number Mismatch" in Storage Navigator.  It seems like it's all set up correctly, and it worked between 2 Cisco 9216's but it's not working now. 

Basically, we have the ge port (16) on one end set up like so: portcfg fciptunnel -b 1000000 -B 1000000 -c 0

And for the other side portcfg fciptunnel -b 1000000 -B 1000000 -c 0

There are 4 ports coming from the USPVM's that are plugged into the first four fiber ports on the 7800, on each side.  Is there something I'm missing?  Or does someone know how to get a readable config?  I exported a config and it didn't show the extra lines that I had put in there in readable form.



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Re: How can I add a second Fabric With DCFM?

7800 is not supported by DCFM, or viceversa, DCFM not support the 7800

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Re: How can I add a second Fabric With DCFM?

Do you have any idea why we would be getting the mismatch problems?  I noticed doing a fabricshow that it showed this:

Switch ID   Worldwide Name           Enet IP Addr    FC IP Addr      Name
  1: fffc01 10:00:00:27:f8:97:cf:3e       

Which is odd because I've set up the fcip tunnel

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