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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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How To Configure ISL for new Brocade 6510 to Existing SLKWRM 300

I have 2 new 6510's (one for each fabric A and B) that I want to connec to my existing 300's. What is the step by step ISL configuration/setup I need to perform - what commands I need to run to do this or can I simply connect a fabric cable from the existing switch to the new switch? This is after I have already racked new switches, set up IP address of course.

Also would it be best to use 8gb cyan fiber cable vs 4gb orange fiber cable for ISL?

thank you!



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Re: How To Configure ISL for new Brocade 6510 to Existing SLKWRM 300

Hi, this is a common question, please use the search option here in the community and you find a lot of threads about how to configure ISL.


in feew word, this is very simple.


Brocade 300 must have Fabric License use "licenseshow" command to verify installed License.

New Gen5 Plattforms with FOS 7.2.1 and higher not longer required Fabric License.


Make sure, all the switch in the same Fabric you want to ISL, use a unique Domain ID with command "configure" you can set the DID


about the Cable, you should use OM2 better OM3 Cable.50/125


OM1 cable work but at 8GB support only distance until 21 Meter.


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