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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Help with understanding licencing

hi all

I want to buy a cheap 16 or 24 port 4Gb switch for testing purposes and so was looking at some 'used' switches from a company that recycles old kit from datacentres. Can somebody tell me what the licence implications are here?

i have the following questions: -

     Can the company that I buy from (who has recycled the kit) sell me a unit without insisting I buy a licence - eg I just get the unit with any licences that come with it, which will likely be registered to some other company?

     If it is ok for me to buy a unit with someone elses licences will I be able to buy a POD if I need to - or wiill that cause conflicts with the Brocade database?

     Is there a way I can get the switch WWN checked by Brocade to ensure I won't have any POD licence issue prior to my purchase - The recycling company will give me the WWN of the switch prior to my purchase if I request it.

I know an easy answer to all the above is 'don't buy from that type of company' but I can't afford to do it via buying 'new' and so hopefully you can forgive me for that and answer the questions with my lack of finances in mind

kind regards

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Re: Help with understanding licencing

License are Bundled to Single Switch/WWN and not to any physical "Company" or "Person"

In Summary it is not anything prohibited to Sell or Buy used Switch. 

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Re: Help with understanding licencing

Thanks - and I think that answers my question, but I have a further question

So if the licences aren't registered to a company or person what is the process that shows the 'company name' in the 'customer' field  when I run a FOS licence query within licence management in mybrocade?

And I can only resturn a licence query result if I put in a WWN of a switch that we own - If I put in a WWN from a different company switch I get an error returned saying there is an ownership conflict.

That would make me think there is a 'licence ownership' element that may need to be transferred prior to selling or buying a used switch?

Many thanks for your help.

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Re: Help with understanding licencing


That looks like an administrative procedure to me. In, there is a Contact us section where I reckon that you can ask these kind of questions.


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