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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Help with tim_txcrd_z

Need a little education/help.  I have a storage controller (IBM SVC) connected to my SAN director.  On my director the port that connects the SVC to the director shows the counter tim_txcrd_z increasing. 


My question is, does this mean that the SVC has run out of credits sending to the port, or does it mean that my host that is zoned to that same port is out of credits sending to that port?





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Re: Help with tim_txcrd_z



Concerning the BBC to 0, is it the switch ports directly attached to the SVC?

If yes, this mean SVC ports are not returning fast the acknowledgements to the switch.



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Re: Help with tim_txcrd_z

If that's really a problem depends on how much it increases. Maths aside the simplest way to find out is to either use MAPS/FPI or bottleneckmon (on at least a moderate configuration). Have a look into the MAPS guide and also google for brocade SAN fabric resiliency best practices for recommendations.
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Re: Help with tim_txcrd_z

Yes, it is the port where the SVC is attached to the switch.

Turns out our SVC was experiencing a "known bug" (HU01091) and the results were extremely high latency on its host-facing volumes. In addition we saw increasing tim_txcrd_z counters on the SVC switch ports.

Thanks for the replies.

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