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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Help with 2005-16B (SilkWorm 200E)

I purchased this switch used as a replacement to an older LAN Switch for my IBMi / AS400 Server.

I am able to log on with Putty via USB/DB9, and have configured the IP Address information so it can

plug into my companies network.


I am using this switch as a stand alone unit to connect Fiber Cables from each of my IBMi Server LPAR's to share those

to a IBM TS-3200 Tape Library that has 2 LTO3 Tape Drives that will also connect via Fiber Cables.


I don't have any experience with Fiber Switches, so need some help as I dig through the Manual.

My old swtich died, and don't have any support for it.


I have 16 Modules that came with this Switch, should I plug all of them in, or only the number I need.

I have no caps to cover the holes as I see they mention on the manual.

Does it matter where I plug them in as the unit has 2 Groups of 8 (0 thru 7) and (8 thru 15).


If I plug in 8 of these modules (Say 4 or each side) will they just work, or will there need to be some sort of configuration to make them all work so the 2 Tape Drives can be seen as available to my IBMi Server's different LPAR's.





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Re: Help with 2005-16B (SilkWorm 200E)

Brocade 200 is a SAN swicht, not for LAN. In feew word, you cannot plug IP connectivity except on the management port which is intended for management only. End of story!!!!!!

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