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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Help Configuring Brocade 5000

I currently have two McData 3215 fibre switches in my SAN. I've just purchsed two Brocade 5000 switches to replace them. I'm attempting to duplicate the configuration of the 3216s and apply it to the 5000s. The 3216s use a domain and both switches are a member. On the 5000s I have the port aliases created, zones created and the ports added to the zones. Using WebTools I do not see a way to add a domain. Can anyone give a quick rundown on the steps to configure a 5000 and how much of this can be done with the switch offline? thx

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Re: Help Configuring Brocade 5000


hare all Fabric Parameter correct set of both switch type McDATA <-> Brocade ?

Domain ID, Port Type, InterOp Mode etc....

do yuo have the correct Firmware and correct FabOS in the Brocade ?

wich exactely Version hare current loaded ?

Example, if you use by the 5000 FabOS Rel. 5.2.x you need by the McDATA a Minimum EOS Release, otherview will both Fabric don't work.



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