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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Having different configurations for Brocades in a BladeH


Few months ago, I posted a question about merging Brocades together. We still did not perform this merge, but we are planning to do it very soon. I have another question, sort of related to the merge, but I thought it would be better to start a new topic because the Brocade setup has changed in our Blade Centers.

In the original discussion posted above, we had 1 Brocade per Blade Center. Since then, we have added another Brocade per Blade Center for redundancy. Therefore, each Blade Center now has 2 Brocade switch. Each one is in I/O 3 and I/O 4 of each Blade Center. The Brocades do not talk to each other between Blade Center (we didn't merge yet) and they are configured to work individualy in each Blade Center. They have their own IP address, their own configuration/zoning. Although the zoning is the same for the I/O 3 and I/O 4 for redundancy, when the zoning is modified in I/O 3, it does not replicate to I/O 4 automatically. This is how it was setup, by a third party tech. Please ask if I did not make it clear...I'm not very good at explaning stuff in English (I'm french) !

My question today, which is somehow related to the merge and our current setup, could I merge only both I/O 4 of each Blade together ? Please refer to the original post I posted above if you want to understand why I want to achieve a merge. I would keep each I/O 3 to work locally, I would not have any fiber run between each I/O 3 of each Blade Center. I would connect a fiber (ISL) between each I/O 4. Since the Brocades I/O 3 and I/O 4 are not configured to have the same config, I think that technically I can achieve this. When there would be a storage vmotion, it would use I/O 4 to copy to the SAN at the other end and every local traffic would use I/O 3 or I/O 4. Is this a supported setup or is it recommended to have the same config for each Brocade in a  Blade Center ?

One thing that is bugging me, is that we had to change a defective Brocade in I/O 3 of one Blade Center last week. The IBM tech came and we changed the I/O 3 Brocade. The new Brocade has been automatically assign the same management IP as the old one...and I'm wondering why. It is not DHCP enabled. Is it the Blade Center who assigned the same IP or the other Brocade in I/O 4 ? The IBM tech could not answer that question. This is bugging me because if the Brocade in I/O 4 told the new Brocade in I/O 3 what its IP is, then this confirms that my Brocade in I/O 3 and I/O 4 talks to each other internally and maybe having a complete different configuration in I/O 3 and I/O 4 might not work.

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