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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Hanging Aliases/Zones/Configs

Being a complete novice to the SAN environment, I would be grateful if the experts can help me out with the following question.

I noted a large number of Hanging Aliases/Zones/Configs on the health report and have also reviewed the general discussions around this before which basically summarise this as a 'Housekeeping' issue which requires cleaning.

However I would request the SAN Experts to be more specific in this regards, my query is that are there any specific risks associated or exploits that could have been done based on these Hanging zones. i.e. in case of a hard zoned environment, removing an existing device will result in outage for a physical intruder on the SAN Environment which raises automatic alerts and alarms, however by attaching their illegal device to a hanging zone will allow them to connect within the zone without any outages and will only alert members of the new device being logged in. (Please tell me if my scenario is completely wrong or illogical) Please also highlight whether it facilitates pWWN spoofing attacks at all?

Additionally, when the report states that there is a Hanging Config, what does that actually mean.

Really appreciate your help in advance.

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