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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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HCL for Director 48K firmware needed.

I'm about to upgrade our Brocade 48K director switch's firmware from 5.5 to the latest version.  The vendor states there will be no problems with the upgrade, but I'm concerned about the new firmware's compatibility with the firmware/drivers on the various HBA's we have in our SAN attached devices.  Is there an HCL (Hardware Compatibility List) for the different switch firmware versions with the firmware/drivers connected to our SAN.

The last time this was done, we had a Hitachi array completely go offline.  All we had to do was unplug and re-plugin the array ports into the switch, but that is not something I want to deal with again.  It turns out that this was a know issue, so I'd like to know of all the known issues out there when it comes to upgrading our switch.

We are very fortunate in our environment that our critical systems are mirrored between different arrays.  Most companies would have had to deal with multiple server crashes.

Any help would be greatly appreciated by myself and my unsuspecting customers.

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Re: HCL for Director 48K firmware needed.

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