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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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General advice needed - SAN & Storage migration

Hi guys & gals,


This is just  a general question regarding migration strategy.


I have a customer who is migrating from and EMC VNX5300 to one of our new arrays. Also they are moving the fabric from two existing brocade switches to 2 of our switches.


Initially I plan to migrate the hosts & storage to the new switches first, then do the storage migration.


But then I thought, well what is the best way here. Should you do the storage first ( a mixture of vmware data stores / backup data / Sybase on windows 2012) OR the fabric first?


I can't really see any clear advantage to doing either one first. The migration to the new switches is probably the riskiest bit since it involves moving cables around.


Any thoughts? Is their a clear advantage to doing one of them before the other?


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Re: General advice needed - SAN & Storage migration

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The migration after the move on the new switches will provide less work to do.

Also as you will install the old servers and storage and the new switches it will be only one change (the new switches), you will have a good referencial base line from old switches with new switches for same environment.

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