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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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FoS Compatibility

Dear All,

I need your support for the following problem.

I have a SAN Fabric with 4 Brocade Switches:

ID: 2 (Principal)
Model: Brocade 200E
FoS: 5.0.1b (upgradable to 6.2.2f)

ID: 1
Model: 3800
FoS: 3.1.2a (upgradable to 3.2.1c)

ID 51
Model: Brocade 300
FoS: 6.1.0a (upgradable to 7.x)

ID 100
Model: Brocade 300
FoS: 6.2.0a (upgradable to 7.x)

Is it possible to have these switches with different FoS in the same fabric?
Do you know if there are some compatibility issues?

Thank you.


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Re: FoS Compatibility


Brocade 3800 reached EOSL a few years ago, so it does not appear in any compatibility matrix since it is not supported anymore. On the other hand, all the FOS releases mentioned are a little bit too old, anything below v6.2.1 should not be used...

Once said this, connectivity between Brocade 200E and 300 should not be an issue (although I do recommend you to upgrade FOS on both switchs to 6.2.2f and 6.4.3b respectively). When it comes to 3800, I cannot guarantee that it will work, but you can try, I reckon that the switchs will merge but with such a difference of versions, anything  could happen...


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