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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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First zone and ports out of zone

Following scenario:

2x Brocade 5100, ISL connection.

Several ports in use, working for FICON traffic.

2x2 ports working as FC (non-FICON).

NO ZONES CREATED. Obviously Default Access is set to All Access.

I created regular zone for FC ports (used domain,index). Now I have one zone with 4 FC ports and several FICON ports not defined in any zone.

I activated the configuration and all FICON ports lost connectivity!

I thought that All Access should allow the connectivity.

Finallly I circumvented the problem by quickly creating and activating another zone with all FICON ports.

Question: Is it normal behavior - to disallow communication for ports which do not belong to any zone?


Radoslaw Skorupka

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Re: First zone and ports out of zone

Yes it is normal!

In your case you have enabled zoning and only the WWNs which were included in the zoning configuration within the same zone were able to talk to each other.

All other ports can not longer exchange data.

"All access" means if you have zoning configuration enabled and you run a cfgdisable will result in all ports see each other.

Defzone "No access" means in case of disabling the zoning with cfgdisable that no communication is allowed between ports.

Zoning is a security feature to prevent unwanted "cross talk" of devices. For Open Systems zoning is strongly recommended

I hope this helps,


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