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Firmwareupgrade failed! Brocade300 6.2.0d->6.3.2d

I have proceed the Update-procedure with the Network Advisor 11.0.1-Tool. After Firmwaredowload Switch restarts every 3 minutes. message: "kernelpanic" during the restore process to 2nd Partition.

How can i interrupt the download process, that still runs and restart the download?

Exists a Best-Practice-Guide to Upgrade firmware?

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Re: Firmwareupgrade failed! Brocade300 6.2.0d->6.3.2d


can you post the exact errors you're getting?

Could it be that Network advisor is continuously restarting the upgrade?

I recommend you to open a case with your service provider, but if that is not an option you could try the following:

- If firmwaredownload process is hung, you can try to kill it.

- Another thing you could try is to force a firmwarecommit in order to copy the FOS image from the active partition to the secondary one...


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