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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Firmwareshow output


I got the following output of "firmwareshow", and I didn't understood according to this which version is it.

Can u advise?


IBM_3534_F08:admin> firmwareshow

Header          flash 0         flash 1
------          -------         -------
text off        00000040        00000040
text addr       10030000        10030000
text size       0001afc0        0001afc0
data off        0001b000        0001b000
data addr       1004afc0        1004afc0
data size       00001908        00001908
magic           2112            2112
text sum        e1eb  OK        e1eb  OK
data sum        e7f7  OK        e7f7  OK
hdr  sum        cc3b  OK        cc3b  OK

file sum        3b70  OK        3b70  OK


I understood that the switch is "Brocade 3200 Switch"

IBM_3534_F08:admin> switchshow
switchName:     IBM_3534_F08
switchType:     16.2
switchState:    Online
switchMode:     Native
switchRole:     Principal
switchDomain:   1
switchId:       fffc01
switchWwn:      10:00:00:60:69:c0:8e:5a
switchBeacon:   OFF
Zoning:         OFF

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Re: Firmwareshow output

the correct command in 2xxx, 3200 and 3800 switches to display the current installed FOS is "version"

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Re: Firmwareshow output

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