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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Firmware upgrade


I plan to upgrade the firmware from 6.1.1a to 6.3.2a on FC switch 5300. Do I need to upgrade it to 6.2 first or I can upgrade directly? May I have the whole upgrade procedure?



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Re: Firmware upgrade

Since 6.0.0 release the review indicatesyou can upgrade one-level.

ex: 6.0.0 -> 6.1.x->6.2.x->6.3x.->6.4.x

Go to Downloads->Product Downloads->Fabrioc Operating System "FOS" (select the version you will upgrade)

Check the Release notes document (.PDF) in the Recommended migration paths / FOS Upgrades & Downgrades section (see also the switch support and the interoperability table so you will decide the correct upgrade release)

Note :

Non-disruptively upgrading to Fabric OS v6.4 is only allowed from Fabric OS v6.3. This policy to support only

one-level non-disruptive migration, which began with FOS v6.0.0, provides more reliable and robust migrations

for customers.

Take care with this note, is not always true.

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