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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Firmware update to Brocade 48000 / IBM 2109-M48

I am trying to take my Brocade 48000's aka IBM 2109-M48's from FOS v6.2.1b to v6.3.2b.  My first attempt (via DCFM v10.3.3) failed with the following error: Firmwaredownload command failed. Failed to download RPM package. Please check if image is accessible.  I did a review of the firmware folders and found images/data in each folder.  I opened a call with IBM support and was told the only way to update code for this device is to log directly into the director via a crossover cable..  I am not 100% sure this is true as we were able to update the firmware on these switches via DCFM prior to going "live" with them.  I have 2 questions the first, if updating the code via the Ethernet port on the CP which CP should you log into to start the firmwaredownload, the active CP or the standby CP..  2nd has anyone else run into this problem with this model/type??  Any suggestions, advice, commands will be greatly appericated...                                                              Cindy Johnson - Foot Locker Inc..

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Re: Firmware update to Brocade 48000 / IBM 2109-M48

Hello Cindy,

if you run the firmware update via cli you have to connect to the switch IP which is bound on the active CP.

Before you start your firmware update make sure that both CP cards are configured with 100MB full duplex. In addition the important part is to ask the network team to fix the Ethernet switch ports to 100MBit Full Duplex. It could happen that other network settings will cause trouble. Packet loss and low performance.

Before you change the ethernet settings make sure that you have from each card the MAC address. It is helpful for the network admins to find the correct port ;-)

I have seen many different update problems which were related to ethernet connectivity issues. The switches will stop and revert back to the old firmware if the switch is not able to load all packages with 30 minutes onto the switch.

If this doesn't help please post following information:

    1. screen output of the error message

    2. information from the errdump?

    3. provide the command sequence which you have used.



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Re: Firmware update to Brocade 48000 / IBM 2109-M48

Thanks Andreas for your reply,

fortunately I was able to perform my update via DCFM without issue.  I'll keep this information close because I'll probably need it one day...

Thanks again for taking the time to reply it is  greatly appreciated...


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