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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Firmware update release Brocade 5300 // DCX

Anything documented on rules when firmware levels can be skipped or do you need to look at each release level to determine

when step stone can be skipped.


NOTE this is occuring during scheduled downtime.


Brocade 5300 Firmware currently 6.3.1a I would like to get to 7.3.1d any levels I can skip


Or is it stepping stone upgrade of




Same for a DCX series


Currently 7.0.2.c want to get to 7.3.1d


 can I go from


7.0.2 -> 7.3.1d or again stepping stone of





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Re: Firmware update release Brocade 5300 // DCX

[ Edited ]

That's right:


That's OK too:



More details here:

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