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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Firmware Upgrade Disruptive?

Can anyone confirm whether or not the following switches will lose connections during a firmware upgrade? I've read the Fabric OS admin guides, but can't seem to tell whether or not the firmware upgrade is disruptive.

Brocade 4100
Brocade 4020
Brocade 3016

All are currently at 5.0.0 or higher firmware levels. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I have redundant fabrics but would still feel safter knowing the answer.

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Re: Firmware Upgrade Disruptive?

Firmware Upgrade are non Disruptive, but.....

Do you have a Good Experience Generally with FabOS Upgrade in your case with the 4020 and 3016 Blade switch ?

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Re: Firmware Upgrade Disruptive?

I haven't had very good luck with the 4020s. For some reason almost every time I do a FabOS upgrade on one of them, the ISL links go into a persistent disabled state, causing disruption, and causing the fabric to reconfigure. Have you also had problems with them?

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Re: Firmware Upgrade Disruptive?

My problem was in the actual BladeCenter Management Module setup and not the switch config. There is a setting in the Management Module for external ports that overrides the switch.

To correct the issue if anyone runs into it:

Management Module > I/O Module Tasks > Admin/Power/Restart > I/O Module Advanced Setup > Enable Externel Ports

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