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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Finisar SFP+ problem


We are trying to use Finisar SFP+ FTLF8528P2BCV with Genuine Brocade 5470, OEM Blade Switch for IBM Blade Center.

We recieve an error:

"Error: Port 16 port faulted due to SFP validation failure. Please check if the SFP is valid for the configuration."

sfpshow 16

Identifier:  3    SFP

Connector:   7    LC

Transceiver: 540c404000000000 200,400,800_MB/s M5,M6 sw Short_dist

Encoding:    1    8B10B

Baud Rate:   85   (units 100 megabaud)

Length 9u:   0    (units km)

Length 9u:   0    (units 100 meters)

Length 50u:  5    (units 10 meters)

Length 62.5u:2    (units 10 meters)

Length Cu:   0    (units 1 meter)

Vendor Name: FINISAR CORP.

Vendor OUI:  00:90:65

Vendor PN:   FTLF8528P2BNV-E5

Vendor Rev:  B

Wavelength:  850  (units nm)

Options:     003a Loss_of_Sig,Tx_Fault,Tx_Disable

BR Max:      0

BR Min:      0

Serial No:   PMH4HFA

Date Code:   121729

DD Type:     0x68

Enh Options: 0xfa

Status/Ctrl: 0x82

Alarm flags = 0x5, 0x40

Warn Flags = 0x5, 0x40



Fabric OS:  v6.3.1b

Made on:    Mon Apr 19 21:46:59 2010

Flash:      Tue Mar 22 20:20:01 2011

BootProm:   1.0.9


switchName:     B-FC-01

switchType:     73.6

switchState:    Online

switchMode:     Native

switchRole:     Principal

switchDomain:   1

switchId:       fffc01

switchWwn:      10:00:00:05:33:6c:e9:78

zoning:         ON (default_conf)

switchBeacon:   OFF

Does anyone have a clue what can be the problem? Maybe we need to update the firmware?

Thanks for help, regards.

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Re: Finisar SFP+ problem

--->>>Does anyone have a clue what can be the problem? Maybe we need to update the firmware?

You must use Brocade Genuine SFP.

Thirds Part Vendor SFP are not supported, and FOS Upgrade no resolve the problem.


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