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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Fabric unmerge

We have a merged fibre fabric conatining domains from old and new SANs. We have powered down the old SAN (apart from the fabric switches) so can now demerge. What is the best technique ? Initial thoughts are : -

remove defunct zones from the zone config
delete  defunct zones and aliases
save and enable the config
disconnect the ISL.

Will it then be necessary to manually remove domains, or does breaking the ISL allow automatic deletion ?
Old SAN Brocades are 4900 at 6.3.1a, and new SAN Brocades 6510 at 7.3.0c.


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Re: Fabric unmerge



into a Fabric you have a unique config.


I assume you have moved the connectivity from old 4900 to new 6510.


I would suggest to run SAN-Health and check first the config, then you can edited the config and remove all unused zone and alias if any is present, and finally disconnect old 4900 from a fabric.


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