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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Fabric Re-discovery in CMCNE application

How will the fabric re-discovey imapct the existing fabric topology in CMCNE application?


There are more than 12 Brocade switches we manage in CMCNE application.


Among them, one of the switch is not reachable from CMCNE, which is a standalone switch. However its reachable through CLI and Internet Explorer.


This is used as a FCIP switch for replication purpose. Model Brocade 7800.


Am trying to re-discover this switch ( Discover Fabric ), Am concerned about other switches managed through CMCNE.

However in fabricshow i don't see any other switches connected to it.


Please guide me here.

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Re: Fabric Re-discovery in CMCNE application



in BNA -> Discovery -> Fabric -Add; IP and Credential of 7800


this have no impact to another existing Fabric.


you can add in BNA so many Fabric as you want /supported in you BNA License


in example:


Professional Plus Support up to 36 SAN Fabrics

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Re: Fabric Re-discovery in CMCNE application

Antonio, Thanks a lot for the information. It helps

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