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Fabric OS/firmware upgrade instructions

I am attempting to upgrade the Fabric OS on a pair of Silkworm 3200's. Current version is 3.1.1c.

I have downloaded version v3.2.1c for PC and unzipped it into the appropriate directory accessible by the FTP servers.

I have read the v3.2.1c Release Notes, Fabric OS Reference Manual, Fabric OS Procedure Guide, Firmware Download Best Practices and searched the user forums.

After all that reading, the only reference I could find relative to the value to use for 'file' on the 'firmwareDownload' command was for '/.../release.plist' on a version 5.1 install.

There are no files remotely similar though there is one called 'build.xml' and when I tried that I got an error message

ds16p3:admin> firmwaredownload "","admin","/BrocadeFabricOS/v3.2.1c/build.xml","password"

error: not a switch firmware file

download failed

The same applies to upgrade versions v4.2.2b and v4.4.2b. I see 'install' and 'install_verify' scripts present so what to use on those version as well.

Please review and advise.

Thank you.

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Re: Fabric OS/firmware upgrade instructions

You will not see the release.plist file but you just need to specify it during the upgrade as seen in the manuals. Its a spooky file

With newer firmware 5.3.+ you need not give the filename but just the name of the directory where the firmware has been unpacked.

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Re: Fabric OS/firmware upgrade instructions

Hi bmiskell,

optipon /release.plist is only available by FabOS 4.x ; 5.x ; and 6.x ;

here a example to download the firmware:


switch:admin> firmwaredownload


Server Name or IP Address: insert here you FTP IP-Address

User Name: by standard is the FTP username "anonymous"

File Name: insert the folder you have located the file, example /v3.2.1c

Password: by standard is the FTP password "anonymous"

You must point the FTP to correct folder , see screen below as example, in this case is the FTP Root the folder /Brocade



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