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Fabric Merge and FOS Upgrade Questions


I've been tasked with potentially merging and upgrading our Brocade environment. I'm new to brocade so I wanted to verify a few things.

We have:

3800 at 3.2.1c

2 3900s at 5.0.1b

200E at 6.1.0c

48k at 6.1.0c

Reading both the 6.2.2 and the 6.3.0b release notes it appears we can merge all of them together if we use the 6.2.2 code on the 48k and 200E, and 5.3.1b for the 3900s and of course leave the 3800 at 3.2.1c.

Also, if I wanted to leave the 3800 out of the fabric, we could move to the 6.3.0b code on the 48k, 6.2.2 code on the 200E and 5.3.2 on the 3900s.

I am fine with either scenario.  The things I am unsure about is the code level on the 3900s.  Do you have to use the specific level stated in the document on can you push it up 5.3.2c for either scenario?  Basically the document states for the 3900:

6.2.2 scenario - v5.3.1b (2G and 4G platforms) and v6.1.0e and later 5 (4G platforms only)

6.3.0b scenario - v5.3.2 (2G and 4G platforms) and v6.1.0e and later 5 (4G platforms only)

Also, would the upgrade order be 48k -> 200E -> 3900s -> 3800 for later code upgrades assuming they were in a fabric?

Sorry for all the questions, I'm a newbie.  Thanks for any help.


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Re: Fabric Merge and FOS Upgrade Questions

>>>...and FOS Upgrade Questions

3800 at 3.2.1c = 3.2.1c is the latest Rel.

2 3900s at 5.0.1b = is supported by 5.3.2c

200E at 6.1.0c = is supported by v6.2.2a

48k at 6.1.0c = is supported by latest 6.3.1a. FOS 6.3 not supported with 3.2.1c

>>>Fabric Merge....

what they want to "Merge" ?

are all Switch and Director currently in the same or separate Fabric ?

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Re: Fabric Merge and FOS Upgrade Questions

Hi, I think you should advise the management to take out these 3800 SWs from the Fabric because these have CAM limitation and also FOSv3.2.1c has less CFGSIZE.while doin gupgarde the best practice is upgrade the core SW FO Sand then edge SW, but if you upgrade 3900, then 200E and then 48K, there will be no issue.

I think v3.2.1C is supported in a 6.3 Fabric.also if you login into brocade site using ur ID you will not get V5.3.2c, it can be only got through any OEM ID.

also after 6.0 you can upgrade only 1 step further i.e. to go to 6.3 you have to go to 6.0---6.1---6.2---and then 6.3

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