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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Fabric ID Conflict

Hi All,


   Anybody here experience with Fabric ID conflict?, in our customer have 3 sites DC and we configure for local site using ISL Long distanec via DWDM, and for Remote site we using FCIP with VEx-VE configuration.


A ---- ISLDWDM---- B  ;BB FID 13


A ---- FCIP VE-VEx ----- C ; BB FID 13


B ---- FCIP VE-VEx ----- C ; BB FID 13


A & B Local Site

C Remote Site


and we setting the FID from C to A using FID 21

and setting FID C to B using FID 21


and now the connection between C to A disabled due to Fabric ID Conflict. Can anybody help me how to solve this?


My question is :


1. Should i change the BB FID on C site to another value and make it different with A and B site?


Thank You,



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Re: Fabric ID Conflict



as C is your BB-Fabric, connections to Edge Fabrics have to have unique Fabric ID's.

So configure for Example FID 21 to Fabric A and FID 22 to Fabric B. Then it will work.

Kind Regards
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Re: Fabric ID Conflict

Hi Ralf,


  The current config between A and B Site is One Fabric and merge using ISL LD via DWDM, thats why the BB FID

on A and B site using the same value, and we already tried differentiate the FID to A and B site from C site and the

port is disabled because the Fabric ID oversubscription.


Thank You,



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Re: Fabric ID Conflict

There are 2 solutions.

1) You should use VE-VE conection instead of VE-VEX.   A, B and C are merged.

2) Use VE-VEX conection and change FID on Remote Site. Fabric C is isolated.




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Re: Fabric ID Conflict

Hi Robert,


  Do you mean FID on C Fabric or BB FID? Attach with this our current topology and config,


Thank You,



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Re: Fabric ID Conflict

Change the C site to a different FID. That should work.

Kind regards,
Erwin van Londen
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