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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Fabric Discovery


I have a three switch fabric consiting of a Brocade DCX and two McData Intrepid i10K's.  I am running DCFM 10.4.0.   The DCX is the sweed switch and is properly discovered.  One of the McData i10K's is properly discovered, but the other one is listed as "Discovered: Switch timed out".   Unfortunately, while its in this state, i am unable to launch things like webtools element manager.

Previously, all switches were fully discovered.  However, recently DCFM crashed and from that point foward, this one switch wont fully recover.

Does anyone know of a way to get DCFM to rediscover a single switch?   I have tried to unmonitor the fabric and then monitor the fabric, but that did not help.  Is the only resort to delete the fabric (which I didnt want to do) and then add it back?


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Re: Fabric Discovery

I have had a similar problem as well.

Unfortunately, there is no easy way to "refresh" the discovery.

I used to resort to the delete/add procedure you are doing until I discovered another way...

I could go to the Discovery section, edit the seed switch, and replace the password with something incorrect.

I could give it about 1 minute to timeout the connection due to incorrect password, and then edit again, and put in the right password.

It would then go out and rediscover the fabric.

Granted, I was using DCFM 10.3, but I can't imagine it would be different???

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