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FWS4802 Upgrade beginner question


I'm new to the Foundry/Brocade family and have recently aquired a FWS4802. It seems to have basic layer 3 capabilities and I'm wondering if this can be upgraded to a full layer 3 switch. I was able to find some links online that point to an upgrade called FWS4802-UP. I'm just wondering how to confirm that this is what I need.

This is the output from me performing a "show ver". I'd appreciate any help that people would be willing to provide.


SS4802-LabSW(config)#sh ver
   SW: Version 08.0.01rT51 Copyright (c) 1996-2004 Foundry Networks, Inc.
       Compiled on Jul 29 2008 at 23:10:03 labeled as B2S08001r
       (2792998 bytes) from Primary Fastiron_Switch_code.bin
   HW: Stackable FI4802, SYSIF version 21, Serial #: Non-exist
       Serial #:   CH35015514
  2048 KB BRAM, JetCore ASIC IPC version 43, BIA version 00
32768 KB PRAM and 1M-Bit*1 CAM for IPC  0, version 1843
32768 KB PRAM and 1M-Bit*1 CAM for IPC  1, version 1843
   466 MHz Power PC processor 750 (version 8/8302) 66 MHz bus
   512 KB boot flash memory
16384 KB code flash memory
   256 KB SRAM
   128 MB DRAM
The system uptime is 4 minutes 3 seconds
The system : started=cold start

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Re: FWS4802 Upgrade beginner question

You can not Download Firmware for Brocade or Brocade / Foundry Products withuot a active Maintenance Contract.

Ask you Reseller or Local SE about that.


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