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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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FOS upgrade v6.4.3c to v7.4.1e

We are planning for an upgrade of IBM SAN24B FC switch,


Type      Model   Serial number   

2498       24E         10319YA


Current version: v6.4.3c

Target Version : v7.4.1e


can you help on providing upgrade path, ( i.e) is hops required from the current level to the targert level.

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Re: FOS upgrade v6.4.3c to v7.4.1e


 Hi ,


Paths from 6.4.3c to V7.4.1e :

target path  :7.0.2e ( step 1 ), 7.1.0c ( step 2), 7.2.1d ( step 3 ), 7.3.2b ( step 4 ) and 7.4.1e ( step 5 ) 





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Re: FOS upgrade v6.4.3c to v7.4.1e

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