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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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FOS upgrade procedure

Hi, everyone,

Can anyone provide me fos upgrade procedure? I did that a long time ago and kinda forget how to do it now. I'm upgrading from 6.3.1b to 6.4.0c.

Thanks a lot.

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Re: FOS upgrade procedure

As far as I'm aware of its a one step upgrade, so nothing fancy about that.

Get the firmware and unzip

Setup an ftp server with account and and path

Test your ftp server for access to files

Issue firmwaredownload on your switch

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Re: FOS upgrade procedure


When you issue the firmwareDownload command, there is an automatic search for the correct package file type associated with the switch. Specify only the path up to and including the v6.4.0c directory. Alternatively you can specify the directory followed by the file release.plist (ex. /v6.4.0c/release.plist).

Enter the firmwareDownload command and follow the simple steps.

      * FTP or SCP transfer

      * IP address of ftp server

      * The path to the FOS directory

      * Username and password for the access on the ftp server

      If all the above are correct the brocade will automatically download all   necessary files and then reboot.

firmwareShow command to display the firmware level of both partitions

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