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FOS upgrade from V6.4.3b to 7.0.0c failed.


I am trying to Upgrade FOS v6.4.3b to 7.0.0c on my DCX-4S and getting below error message:

The following item(s) need to be addressed before downloading the specified firmware:

Upgrade to 7.0 is not allowed because the threshold configuration changed alarm is set for class security, area Login on FID 128.

Similar configuration may exist for other classes and areas and on other FID. please use "fwconfigure"to unset the same.

Please let me know the solution if any one has come across this error earlier.



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Re: FOS upgrade from V6.4.3b to 7.0.0c failed.

We experienced this issue on the Brcd 300b switches.  One solution is as follows:

Procedure to resolve the ‘config block’ to upgrade a 300b with FOS code to v7.0.2c


  1. After upgrading to version 6.4.3d…
  2. Check the switch configuration file and edit to the switch config file by doing the following.
  3. Upload & save the switch configuration file to the SCP host or other accessible place using the cmd:  configupload and entering info as requested.
  4. Open the config file using a text editor application ( NOT MS WORD)
  5.      Search the config file for:  “thresh.cust.eport “
  6.      If the value is set to 2, change it to 0.
  7.      Save the config file text file using the name of the switch and adding e.g., 'AMENDED' at the end and close it.  This preserves the original config file.
  8. Note the path to the revised config file and copy it.
  9. Return to the Switch CLI session and perform a configdownload, and follow the prompts – similar to the configupload cmd - and complete the configuration download.
  10. Reboot the switch.
  11. Proceed to upgrade the switch using FOS v7.x.xx

the new configuration file after the FOS v7.0.2c code is successfully committed

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