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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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FOS firmware upgrade 7.x

Hello Everyone,


Planning to upgrade the firmware of the SAN switch to 7.x and found the compatibilty matrix for the same, but in it just gives the HBA model and speed and if it supports brocade switches or not..


When i used to plan for 6.x firmware i used to check the compatibilty matrix which used to give the HBA driver and firmware of it to upgraded in ...


Can anyone tell me in 7.x do we dont have to consider the firmware&driver of the HBA or just we have to see if only model of the HBA and speed is compatibilty with brocade switch...


Please let me know...

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Re: FOS firmware upgrade 7.x



to be honestly, I've never understood some Note in such Matrices and in most case I ignore such details.


However, from a point of view of Support and Compatibility, you should try to work with most recently BIOS/Firmware and OS Drivers.

As per my experienced, i.e. I've recently Migrated by Customer from Old Brocade 4900 to 6510 with FOS 7.3, and this Customer have very very old HBA, like Emulex LP9802 and 9002, and some QLogic 234x HBA and some other Old Timer HBA.


Result, the SAN work like a charm.





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